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What is Managed IT Services?

Managing a company is hard work. A lot of people think managers just get the money and make everyone else do the work, but managing a whole range of different fields is one of the hardest possible tasks out there. This applies for both big and small companies, and it can even be worst for small companies sometimes when they have a need for a certain department, but do not have the budget, space or conditions.

Nevertheless, there is always the managing option on the table – to outsource the work to another company that will do it properly and with quality, even if not located close-by.

Information Technology managing is one of these options. For small business everywhere right now, it is a crucial question, should they, or should they not outsource their tasks? Some companies believe that it just makes sense to, instead of hiring a person that no one can really determine the quality of, it is better to trust an experienced and renowned company. But then again, can you trust an outside company your data?

Why managed services?

To a lot of companies, it just makes sense not to hire in-house staff, and to simply give the tasks to someone else. Sometimes, it might be a whole project and some other times, it can be a whole department. Most of the time, companies manage services in order to get their tech support and on- site maintenance done by someone else, so that the company itself can focus on other things.

Services being managed by third-party entities just make things easier and costs a lot more predictable. Companies that host their own servers, pay for their own equipment and maintenance can have incredible amounts of costs depending on how their business does and other factors. When others are doing it, some deals can be arranged in order to set a fixed monthly price one party would pay the other.


Another advantage is that, when companies are going through a changing process, the flexibility managed services providers give them when it comes to their requirements is just too good not to take. Otherwise, a company would have to hire freelancers or temporary employees in order to take care of their projects while they were going through their processes. It is a lot better for the companies to get contracts with managed services providers who can just take care of things for a specific amount of time.

Cost efficiency

Managed services providers are very competitive and as such, their costs are relatively low compared to what they could possibly be if such competition did not exist. As such, companies who outsource their tasks end up saving enormous amounts of money. Plus, companies have easy access to specialized services and equipment that other companies would have a hard time getting access to, which also reduces the costs. In fact, studies show that around 80 percent of companies with less than 300 employees can save up by just outsourcing their email management to companies.


Small companies that require departments might not really require expert employees in that department, depending on the nature of the company itself. As such, one of the most common reasons for companies to go to managed services providers is to get help from experienced veterans with projects they would, otherwise, be unable to handle. Plus, some companies can train the employees of the small companies in order for them to be able to handle such projects in the future.

Serving clients

As we all know, a lot of questions, doubts and offers come through email nowadays. As such, this is a huge area any business has that needs to be taken care of. But then again, this is not the heart of the business and small businesses need to use their short space and time to focus on what really makes them survive (selling products or services). Meanwhile, the emails cannot be ignored or else clients would just end up leaving and going for the competition.

A good solution these small companies have is to outsource their email management to managed service providers. This way, they can save up on their office space and personnel availability while still keeping costumers happy.

What can you outsource?

You can outsource pretty much anything related to the department when it comes to your business, but you shouldn’t really just give it all away to third-party entities. Some companies are honest, others aren’t.

The most commonly outsourced functions are:

Strategic Planning -The managed services provider can act as a CIO for specific projects or campaigns.

Office support – Things get broken around the office, especially if you don’t have experts keeping your computers clear. As such, firms can offer regular maintenance services for hardware, software and network fixes to keep their clients happy and their business running.

Data Center outsourcing – Data centers require a lot of resources, things such as maintenance, power and space. A lot of companies, especially the small ones, are unable to give up these resources for the data centers and, as such, provide the data processing and storage functions to managed services providers.

Email marketing – It might be hard to manage a mailing list, mostly because it’s hard to keep people interested in what you have to say and offer them with the amount of offers out there today. As such, experts will do it better.

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