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Top Reasons Why Non-profits Outsource Their IT Management

Outsourcing the IT aspect of your business to PriorIT can be a smart way of increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace, while cutting cost and increasing profitability at the same time. With huge volume of information now being processed and stored digitally and the ever-increasing number of applications and software packages being utilized daily by organizations, managing everything internally can be a very daunting task.

As a result, many organizations are now opting to outsource their IT services to reduce the burden on in-house resources. When outsourcing is done effectively, it would bring enormous benefits to teams, especially non-profits that might have less resources to deal with unforeseen issues. Based on this, the following are the reasons non-profit organizations decide to outsource their IT management to PriorIT.

Organization Size and budget limitations

Many small organizations do not have the financial capacity to employ an IT engineer on a permanent basis, and many midsize and large organizations who do employ an IT staff member, can only afford to hire one or two. Even a few IT staff members employed may lack expertise in some core IT business functions such as networking, security, database, web development, and data recovery etc. There is also the likelihood that they will not be available all the time, for example due to illness or when they are in vacation. Hence, it becomes heplful to outsource your IT services to PriorIT, as it provides an organization with IT department as a service at a reasonable cost.

By working with an IT service provider, you would have also freed your few staff members and the remaining internal resources from tedious schedules which would in turn increase their efficiency and productivity. With managed IT support, organizations like non-profits, will not have to spend much time and resources on worrying about technical issues that may arise as a result of day to day activities and would only concentrate on core functions.

Depending on the size and type of organization you run, dealing with IT issues can be very problematic at times, and would require dedicated support staff, which could easily increase the organization’s running cost. With today’s dynamic work environment, organizations must be alert and prompt in dealing with issues and challenges as they arise 24 hours a day, so as to reduce downtime and increase business efficiency. It is somewhat enormous for individual small organizations to have the resources to maintain and provide this level of services but a third-party IT company like PriorIT could handle that effectively and efficiently.

Proactive IT Management

PriorIT have dedicated IT account managers who speak with clients regularly to spot any potential problems or issues that might arise and provide instant recommendations and solutions.

It may be challenging to keep up with the technology advancements, and small and mid-size organizations are bound to maintain a lean IT infrastructure and support staff. Recent ransomware attacks such as WannaCry and Petya revealed that numerous organizations are not properly equipped to identify and act on such threat, but besides viruses any technology issues that may arise any time, such as a malfunctioning or faulty PC, failing server, which might lead to fatal loss of vital data or resources. An Account manager from PriorIT will work closely and dedicatedly with the organization to monitor all their technology resources for any problem or threat and deal with it accordingly, back up data if need be, assist in creating a disaster recovery plan, and sometimes, make budget recommendations.

Unforeseen downtime and technical problems can negatively affect company’s reputation as well as making a huge dent on its financial resources. Most times, continuous and consistent management, evaluation and identification of potential issues or problems in advance is always beyond smaller organizations.

PriorIT team members are majorly concerned in helping their clients in making sure that their service is delivered effectively, which means that they will handle any issue arising regarding improvements, updates and maintenance themselves. PriorIT will always provide a comfortable level of guarantee to its client by specifying the number of down times required for maintenance, and as well as providing peace of mind for organizations and their customers.

Free resources from major IT vendors

Outsourcing an organization’s IT services to PriorIT removes the burden of paying salary and benefit from that organization and place it on us. PriorIT works with technology giants and vendors like Microsoft and Symantec to access special price discounts for most of their products being used by non-profit organizations.

It is not only the non-profits organizations that benefit from outsourcing their IT. We service many commercial clients in such industries as financial management, property management, legal services, accounting services, hospitality and others. Any organization depends on the efficient and stable technology, so the most cost-effective resource management is critical to very organization survival.

When an organization decides to handle all its IT services and infrastructure internally, it may end up being quite expensive, as most IT professionals earn significant salaries, but are rarely required to undertake the improvement of the organization’s overall IT infrastructure, rather they are concerned with ongoing maintenance and putting down fires. However, our IT experts can augment an existing team and provide guidance in complex migrations when there is not enough resources within the organization. As the practice shows, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) can be minimized by proactive managed approach, and companies can reduce cost significantly by outsourcing their It services to PriorIT instead of maintaining an in-house IT department.

Response time and service level

 PriorIT have dedicated help desk staff who are available during working hours every working day to assist clients with any technical problem. This is an important service to many non-profits organizations as it allows them to contact the IT service provider anytime there is an issue by simply emailing or calling them and getting prompt solutions.

Think of a non-profit organization that may need one-time or ongoing assistance, and we will be glad to provide free audit and put together a roadmap of projects to help them with their mission.

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