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Managed Network and Server Services in Boston

Reliable and secure network is crucial for any business to operate efficiently. That is why we offer Managed Network Services, providing comprehensive solutions to all your network needs. With our assistance, you can delegate your technology needs and your network will be functioning at optimal levels with prompt response to incidents as they occur.

Server and Network Setup Services​

Server and Network Setup Services

As businesses need to get more done faster, operations need to be supported with proper design and configuration of your server and network infrastructure. We provide installation and setup services to assist you in creating a reliable network that meets your unique business requirements. Our team of skilled specialists will collaborate with you to scope your company needs and provide a solution that offers best value, performance and seamless connectivity, while maintaining the security of your data.

Maintenance and Upgrades

Every server and network require care, supervision, and ongoing focus. Security systems need to be kept up to date to provide protection from new threats appearing every day. To ensure your network and server active defense against potential risks, our maintenance services include recurring system checks, software and hardware upgrades, as well as security patches. We schedule recurring reviews with management to understand business goals and prepare server infrastructure for growing needs.

Advanced Server and Network Solutions

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    Benefits of Managed Network Services

    You only pay for the services you need, which can be more cost-effective than investing in a full-time IT team.

    Advanced security measures are needed to protect server and network, and safeguard your users, data and clients from online dangers. Our team also assists with security assessments and compliance audits, by providing professional review and advising on technical matters.

    With a single point of contact, you can simplify your IT management and billing processes, which can save you time and reduce administrative costs.

    Business users get faster and more stable performance, which results in higher productivity and allows business do more with less. We help clients adopt cutting-edge technology and provide professional assistance.

    By managing end users, you can control access to different levels of information for each employee and meet compliance requirements for industry, state and government standards.

    By managing devices such as computers, servers, printers, routers, switches and mobile devices, we can ensure that they are up to date, secure and work properly.

    By monitoring your network in real-time, PriorIT team can identify performance issues and resolve them quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring that your business stays productive.

    By proactively identifying potential problems, our team can alert users about issues and take action to resolve them before they become more significant.

    With around-the-clock support, you can get the help you need when you need it, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact of technical issues.

    Whether you need help resolving technical issues remotely or require on-site support, we work to meet your needs.

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    How Much Do Managed Network Services cost
    in the Greater Boston Area?

    The costs of Managed Network Services can be calculated and budgeted. The number of workstations, offices, the complexity of your IT systems, and any particular requirements you may have all affect the typical cost of Help Desk services. You should budget $75 to $125 a month for each endpoint.

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    freddy steinberg
    freddy steinberg
    20 January 2023
    I couldn't be happier with the results of Oleg's visit. He was able to fix a difficult problem, and now everything works perfectly. I highly recommend PriorIT.
    Lisa Pontoppidan
    Lisa Pontoppidan
    12 October 2022
    Vitaliy listened well to what I needed and delivered a beautiful, well-designed website. Let him update your website, too!
    Pam Lunedei
    Pam Lunedei
    29 July 2022
    Our company has been using PriorIT for several years. We don't worry about technical issues because the team is always guaranteed to respond and resolve it immediately!!
    Suellen Beaty
    Suellen Beaty
    1 June 2022
    PriorIt has been providing all our needed IT services for the past 10 years and we are extremely pleased with the level of care and professionalism that the team offers. We highly recommend them and their services.
    Ludwig Alban
    Ludwig Alban
    8 March 2021
    We have been using PriorIT for years and are 100% satisfied. They quickly find the problem, explain it to you and fix it. In short they care and take care of you.
    charbel Laham
    charbel Laham
    18 December 2019
    Great efficient experience start to finish!
    Dmitry Shevchenko
    Dmitry Shevchenko
    5 July 2017
    Recommend this company to anyone. Their professionals solved all our problems and continuing to support our business
    RAM Car Transport
    RAM Car Transport
    30 June 2017
    Our company was using outdated email server, and we had ongoing problems with emails not going through, spam and downtime. PriorIT helped us to migrate to Office 365 and now on top of emails we got shared calendar for the entire team, shared contact book and mobile apps. Engineer came onsite to reconfigure our email clients and make sure all our staff members are comfortable with the new setup.
    Matthew H
    Matthew H
    20 June 2013
    In this day and age, it seems like everyone is switching over to high-tech appliances. After living without surround sound and an HDTV for 20+ years, I decided now was the time for a change. My wife was adamant about placing the TV on the wall and making the speakers as discreet as possible, so I caved and went forward with her making the decisions. I didn't really know how to install all of this confusing stuff, so my friend who is pretty up-to-date on modern technology told me to get in touch with PriorIT. I spoke to one of their representatives on the phone and I told him specifically I had a very low budget. He said it was not a problem and they could get the job done regardless. It ended up being swift and easy, all of the wires are hidden and I now have a beautiful cinema in my living room! A+ to PriorIT!
    Ronald Gomez
    Ronald Gomez
    18 June 2013
    I employed the services of PriorIT to develop my website. They met with me a few times to go over the design, expectations and content. Everything PriorIT promised was delivered. They are knowledgeable, friendly, efficient, produced an outstanding website for me and the price was surprisingly reasonable. I could not be happier with the end result and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website of their own.

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