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Security systems

Every year the amount of cyber threats increases on the exponential scale. No matter if you have Windows computer, Mac laptop, iPhone or Android device – all of these device types can be subjects to numerous new and previously unknown threats, unless you have a reliable and up-to-date security system in place.

Companies report losses of their customer data way too often, but even smaller companies can be vulnerable to such breaches with unpredictable consequences. Based on each particular case, our experts design multi-layered security platforms, that combine both hardware and software solutions to ensure that the data of our clients is safe and secure.

Security hardware vendors we primarily work with are Cisco and Sonicwall, and we use software solutions from Kaspersky Lab and Symantec.

Typically, the cost of setting a simple security system in place is insignificant compared to such potential threats as client data loss, virus infestations and downtime.

How to protect yourself

It is often enough to put a hardware firewall, reliable antivirus and encryption in place to have a peace of mind for years to come. Here are some tips on how to keep your IT infrastructure safe:

  • Don’t use counterfeit software. Every hack tool that is used to bypass license protection is a potential back door to your system. It is just not worth it, especially for business
  • Keep your antivirus up to date. Outdated virus databases will render even the most sophisticated antivirus solution useless when new threats appear on a daily basis
  • Setup a firewall. It can be hardware or software solution, and its purpose is to block unwanted inbound and outbound connections to your systems
  • Do a regular antivirus check. This one is self explanatory, the only comment is that a good solution will prevent the infestation from happening, and it is way easier, than cleaning up after.

If you suspect unwanted activity in your computer system, and don’t know where to start – start with dialing 781-228-0042 and PriorIT team will address your issue right away.

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