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Network planning, installation and support

Our networking approach covers planning the infrastructure from running cables and setting up hardware all the way to user training on new network enabled business productivity features. We can scope out the need for network provided services accordingly to the growth rate of your business.

We design computer networks to provide users with the ability to access and share information, collaborate and communicate with minimal effort and streamline all business operations. Employees can get access to data from remote locations, according to the company IT security policy. We implement both hardware and software solutions to keep customer’s data safe and secure.

Computer networks – highways for your business data

Today a computer network is best described as a highway for your business data, flowing through the organization. New business requirements such as Internet-based phone service and video conferencing bring the importance of reliable network to the next level.

We build solutions for growing companies that need to scale at a predictable cost. Security, reliability and performance are the key components that drive our projects; satisfaction is a must.

What is the sign of a good network? Internet is always working, and no one knows where the networking equipment is located. However, even the best systems may fail or be compromised, and that is why we offer 24/7 monitoring and alert solutions to ensure that we can find the issue before it affects your business.

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