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Computer systems

Computer solutions and networks

We are a team of experts dedicated to improve everyday operations of SMB companies using industry knowledge and best practices. We have partnered with Microsoft (c) and Dell (c) to ensure that we can deliver most up-to-date technology at the lowest possible cost.

Since 2003 we have been working on the cutting edge of rapidly growing IT industry, delivering best in class solutions to businesses in such industries as healthcare, education, legal and financial services.

Custom IT solutions for every need

Our spectrum of offered products and services stretches from desktop computers and thin clients to virtual servers and cloud solutions. Business systems and websites are also our key areas.

For our clients we serve as a trusted advisor in the complex field of Information Technology. We offer flexible support agreements, that can be tailored to meet specific needs of every single customer. For rapidly growing companies we provide procurement services, which means we shop around, find best offerings on the market that meet client’s requirements, and purchase software and hardware without any markup, saving thousands of dollars without compromising the quality. We also provide custom integration and development services, as many of our clients cannot achieve required efficiency with products available on the market. In such scenarios we can either create a custom piece of software, or seamlessly integrate several systems to deliver the required functionality.

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