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Application platforms

Each business is unique, but it can benefit from using best practices and software products specific to a particular industry. In the majority of cases companies use proven software solutions that enable the business to have a clear overview of all needed information and resources. Such business software often requires specific application platform, for example, Windows Server, and at this point cost of poor technical decisions skyrockets. Investments in server hardware, software, installation and support must be justified with a return on investments (ROI), i.e. the value that provided services bring to your company. Unfortunately, the value of email service, a client portal, or a backup solution often becomes apparent only after some serious issue, directly affecting business performance.

Most common types of server solutions our clients can be combined in following categories:

  • Collaboration – solutions designed to store, archive and share documents
  • Communication – email servers, in-house messaging, VoIP phone systems, video conferencing, presence
  • Security and management  – proxy servers, traffic analyzers, authentication, data encryption
  • Storage and backup – data storage, backup and recovery systems, onsite and cloud backup

We build server solutions using the fundamental principles of security, reliability and cost-efficiency with client needs in the first place.

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