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Internet marketing

Even the best looking website in the world will be useless if not found on the Internet by your potential clients. PriorIT team uses proven effective strategy to bring customers in your door, without having to pay for each single click on paid ads. By using a combination of content creation, video marketing, social media and referrals we bring high-quality leads that convert in sales, making further investments in Internet marketing a no-brainer.

We analyze your website appearance and content, search results based on your industry-specific keywords, check competition and build a plan that will not only bring you leads, but will also allow your company to build a community around your brand or product.

Here are some questions that we answer as a part of introductory analysis:

Once such analysis has been completed, it may be a good idea to understand current and envisioned needs of a particular business and build a solid Internet marketing plan to achieve those goals.

For example, a client is looking to grow revenues, and it becomes obvious that the easiest way to get new clients is Internet. Given that the website is in place, and it is capable of converting visitors into clients, we can estimate how many daily, weekly and monthly visitors are there, what are the seasonal fluctuations, and what are the main sources of traffic. We often find imbalance in sources of traffic, when the majority of potential clients come from referral websites or social networks. Basically, it tells us where the opportunity for revenue growth is, and what should we focus on in our Internet marketing efforts.

What is SEO?

Google owns the Internet search market, with Yahoo and Bing sharing the rest of search traffic. If your website can't be found anywhere in search results, you are missing a ton of potential clients. By improving website content as well as doing site and page search optimizations we can improve your website search ranking and drastically increase organic traffic. This is what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is about. The drawback of such approach is that it takes a long time to get a website to rank high enough for any significant amount of visitors to show up.

Pay per click

For companies that are looking for immediate results, as well as for those with seasonal business it is often beneficial to setup and run a paid advertising campaign. Nowadays many websites offer it, starting from Google all the way to Yelp and Facebook. The way it works is quite simple - you allocate a daily, weekly or monthly budget, create an ad and start a campaign. Every single click on your ad will redirect visitors to your website or dedicated landing page (best case scenario), but it will also cost you anywhere in between few cents to a hundred dollars depending on your industry, location and competition. While it is relatively easy to setup and launch, devil is hiding in the details, and it takes a lot of effort and expertise to setup such marketing campaign in a way that will turn profit. Numbers can vary, but let's say your cost per click or CPC is $1, then for a $100 you will get a hundred visitors to your website or landing page. Depending on what your visitors will see there, and how engaged they will be, you may expect 1 to 5 per cent conversion rate, which basically means that out of a hundred visitors only 1 to 5  will actually do the action you want them to - make a purchase, give you a call, request callback or fill out an order form. This is the reason behind a lot of frustration business owners have with such form of Internet marketing - they spend money on clicks, but they don't result in sales. And this is why it makes sense to speak with PriorIT Internet marketing specialists, that will take care of your marketing campaign from the initial planning to a successful execution.